A selection of the things that I have worked on. Take a look at my github account for more.

  • Web Assembly Fractal Generator

    A Web Assembly experiment to create a fast in-browser fractal generator in Rust and JavaScript using Web Workers and progressive rendering.

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  • FUSS

    A functional CSS preprocessor built using Rust to be a simple yet powerful alternative to SASS.

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  • Talklicker

    A small SPA built using Elm and Haskell for organising event days. Users can add projects or talks that they are interested in giving to a list, and then admins can create and describe days and drag things from the list in.

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  • Compression Machine

    Developed as a bit of fun as a result of playing with various compression algorithms. Compresses and decompresses files using a combination of algorithms (Sequitur, Huffman Coding, Burrows-Wheeler transform, Move-to-front transform) each implemented in Javascript.

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  • Fractal Explorer

    Create and explore fractals from within your web browser. Allows full customization of the colours and rendering quality and downloading of fractal images to your computer. Can be configured to use multiple threads to speed up performance, and fractal parameters can be tweaked to explore novel fractals.

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  • Competitive Learning Simulator

    Based on algorithms I worked with and built on during my PhD, This is a two-dimensional javascript based simulator and train one of several algorithms (K-Means, Self Organizing Maps, Neural Gas, Growing Neural Gas and Grow When Required) on user generated shape based inputs. Shapes can be added, moved, removed and deleted in realtime and the effects on training observed.

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